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Sheriff of Leicester from 16t h to thirtieth of Henry II's reign, inclusive. He subsequently go to ed King Richard I to the Holy Land and was at the ugg boots schweiz siege of Acon , which place, upon its surrender, was dedicated to his custody . This Bertram started the Abbey of Croxden in County Stafford , anno 1776, and was or else a liberal benefactor to the churc h. He married 1st Maud, daughter of Robert Ferrers, Earl of Derb y, by whom he had no issue, and 2ndly, Roesia ., but of wha t family members is unidentified. He died at Joppa 4th of Richard I in 1192 , having experienced problem William, died sine prole, in 1199, Thomas, Be rtram, Robert, Nicholas and Walter. His son Thomas succeeded him , but died sine prole in 1199, and was succeeded by his brother , Nicholas de Verdon. 167773377. Constance Of BRITTANY,21 daughter of Conan III Le Gross Duke Of BRITTANY and Maud Margaret Princess Of ENGLAND , was born in 1094 in Bretagne, Indre, France and died on an unidentified date. Constance married Alan LA ZOUCHE . 167773378. Alan IV Fergen Duke Of BRITTANY,21 son of Hoel V De Cornuaille Rely Of BRITTANY and Hawise Of BRITTANY , was born in 1072 and died in 1119, at age forty seven. Alan married Ermengarde D'ANJOU . 83886689 i. Hawise FERGANT (born in 1116 died on an unidentified day) 167773379. Ermengarde D'ANJOU,21 daughter of Geoffrey IV Comte D' ANJOU and Bertrade DE MONTFORT , was born in 1078 and died on an unknown day. Ermengarde married Alan IV Fergen Duke Of BRITTANY . 167773382. William Le Meschines Lord Of COPELAND,21 son of Ranulph III Le Meschines Earl Of CHESTER and Lucy Taillebois Countess Of CHESTER , was born in 1072 in Gernon Castle, Normandy, France and died on an unidentified day. Noted events in his lifestyle were: Alt. Birth: 1096, Gernon Castle, Normandy, France. William married Cecily DE RUMILLY . 83886691 i. Maud LE MESCHIMES (born in 1095 died on an unknown day) ii. Alice LE MESCHIN (born in 1096 died on an unidentified date) 167773439. Mor Ingen Muirchertaig O'TOOLE,21 daughter of Mouitchertch O'toole King Of Ui woolrich outlet schweiz MUIEDAIG and Cacht Ingen Loigsig O'morda Of LEIX , was born in 1114 in Ireland and died in 1164, at age fifty. Mentioned events in her life were: Alt. Death: 1191. Mor married Dairmait Macmurchada King Of LEINSTER . 167773440. Gilbert DE VENABLES,21 son of Gilbert DE VENABLES and Unknown , was born in 1146 in Kinderton, Cheshire, England and died on an unidentified date. Common Notes: Gilbert Venables, grandson of the first Baron, married Margery , daughter of Walthew Fitz Wolfric, with whom he experienced half of Mar ton in frank marriage, and by louis vuitton outlet online whom he experienced problem six sons louis vuitton outlet schweiz and 2 dau ghters. His seal was a falcon sinister, regardant, which is appe nded
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